Terms of Use

All my tubes are free of charge...the only thing I ask is that you place the ©RJ somewhere within your finished image...you may move it with your image editor....you may change colors and use parts from individual tubes...and if you really don't want to use it in your image then that is okay too...have fun!

***February 2, 2014*** Some set may contain a notation as follows:
***This set may NOT be offered in any Pay To Use projects***
The shirt texture used in the set is protected by Copyright Law and may not used commercially. Thanks :)

Use for Tags, Websets, Templates...ect...just don't claim the tube itself as your own!
*Commercial use of tube used in creation of your unique item is okay :)

*A question came up about usage of my older tubes...yes, if you still have them and want to use them feel free...that is what they are for...to use! So I Ronni, do hereby give my permission for use of outdated, no longer published on the web tubes you may have in your digital possession valid for use as you see fit, lol. Enjoy! September, 5, 2013

Oh and a link back to this site would nice, but you don't have to!

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