Terms of Use


These TOU apply to any existing/future blogs I create.

1. If your Group Terms say you must have a © Credit within your image please do so. If you are making an image for Your sole use alone then by all means feel free to do without...otherwise a simple ©RJ is fine with me or a link to http://dazzariffic.blogspot.com/

2. You may use my tubes/elements for Tags, Web Design, Scrap Kits*, ect. Commercial use of tube used in creation of your unique item is okay :)**

3. You may recolor, cut up tubes/elements in any way you wish. You may replace heads on non Headless tubes, ect.

4: Certain sets cannot be used for any PTU projects as certain parts of the image are protected under Copyright Law and though they may be used in "fan based projects" they may not be sold as part of a project for personal gain. These sets will have a Disclaimer at the top of the page, ie:

***This set may NOT be offered in any Pay To Use projects***

5. I have been asked about older possibly unpublished tubes you may have in your possession..If you still have them and want to use them feel free...that is what they are for...to use!
I Ronni, Nieto, aka RJ do hereby give my permission for use of outdated, no longer published on the web tubes you may have in your digital possession valid for use as you see fit. 

6. I was asked about using as part of a "cluster" vs using as a "stand-alone"...I am okay with including up to 3 individual unchanged tubes as part of your project as long as they are used in that projects theme...However a credited link must be included in your info sheet :)...ie:
-The main tube image of a tag tutorial
-The image integrated into the cluster frame itself

*It is suggested to include a link to my site within a .txt file in your download package.
**This mainly applies to Packages you sell using my tube integrated into your design.

TOU Updated June 4, 2018